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BioLean® System

Just as Wellness International Network’s founders Ralph Oats and Cathy Oats have created an amazing omega-3 supplement, WINOmeg3complex, they have an entire product-line that has and continues to prove an innovative approach to total wellness.*

People around the world are looking and feeling great with Wellness International Network’s results-oriented products, including top sellers, like the weight management line BioLean System and the omega-3 supplement, WINOmeg3complex! Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Wellness International Network’s product-line has helped many experience physical and mental wellness in a wide-range of nutritional supplements.*

Wellness International Network, Ltd. was founded in 1992 by Ralph Oats and his wife, Cathy Oats. Since Wellness International Network’s inception Ralph Oats and Cathy Oats have proved their company to be a leader in the field of health and wellness. Ralph Oats and Cathy Oats are focused on providing total wellness, physically and mentally, through the entire product line. This extensive line of high-quality, results-oriented products are geared to help increase energy, stamina, weight loss and enhance mental function and mood, plus a complete line of cellular nutritional products giving people the support they need to feel their best. This includes the best-selling products in the BioLean System [BioLean, Accelerator, BioLean Free, LipoTrim, Mass Appeal, ProXtreme and Sure2Endure]. The BioLean System is a great product line for people looking to lose weight, tone-up and increase their lean-muscle mass endurance and work-outs!* Other exciting product lines include Physicians’ Health & Diet, a line of key supplements to give energy and clarity, and Cellular Nutrition arming your body with nutrients it needs!*

Once you feel good on the inside, experience the exciting results of WIN’s exclusive line of skincare, WINSpa Collection. You’ll love this results-oriented, luxurious, fragrant-free facial system using the latest in cosmeceuticals. Reviews are unanimous, WINSpa is the new definition of smooth™!

More than 15 years of product success stories show that  the products work for millions of consumers. Experience your optimal health today and realize how great it feels to feel good.